Batwa Community Walk

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Learn all about the Batwa – a community of people who once resided and lived off the land in the forest of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest but as a result of the park becoming a world heritage site to help protect the gorillas and local wildlife, they were forced out of the forest and into community living. Since their initial exile, they have built a farming community at the edge of the forest, but there are still those that keep up the traditions of the Batwa and now have a designated section of the forest that they are allowed to live in.

Today, many work as tour guides to teach visitors about their disappearing way of life and old customs. Your trail walk will introduce you to the history of the Batwa pygmies, their lives in the forest, how they have evolved to ‘modern’ living, the crops they now grow and witness the traditions of those that still live in the forest.

For the true Batwa experience, you can take the guided hike deep into the forest to see first-hand the homes of the pygmies or for the shorter trail, you are guided around the village community and experience the Batwa pygmy traditions from a designated section of the forest.

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