Chimpanzee tracking (Murchison Falls)

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There are several places to visit the habituated chimpanzee troupes, with the most well-known being in Kibale National Park. However, within Murchison Falls you have the Budongo forest which has the largest number of chimpanzees in Uganda and the permits are cheaper, compared to popular Kibale National Park. Treks run twice a day at 7am and 3pm and can last up to three hours with your Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) guide.

You might find yourself following a family through dense jungle or steep gorges, so a level of agility and fitness is required! You will spend approximately an hour with the chimps watching their acrobatic through trees, peaceful meanderings or lively interactions. Whilst sightings are never guaranteed, guides know the chimps movements so chances of a successful trek are definitely in your favour.

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